A BBC Article from June 22, 2005

Heard this morning on the radio, how our DJ is afraid of dogs, he owns one but when a dog growls or barks he gets scared.

Well he continued by saying in West Ethiopia, it isn’t uncommon for groups of men to kidnap a young girl of about 12 and force her into marriage and of course implicit behavior. These 7 men had kidnapped a little girl, and when she refused their advances, they beat her pretty bad to the point that she was bloody, well she was able to run away. She had a little bit of a head start down the road but they were close on her tail. In the middle of the road were a group of lions. The girl had the choice of the lions which would’ve eaten her for dinner being bloody and all, or going back into the 7 men. She chose the lions to run into, she was crying and whimpering. The lions circled her. Two of them laid down beside her while the 3rd stood in front of her body. People in the village witnessed this and called police. It took a while for the police to arrive, and when they did, they couldn’t do anything but wait.

Four hours went by, and the girl stopped crying. The lions got up and ran off into the jungle where they had come from, and the police were finally able to rescue the little girl. The police said the lions must’ve thought she was a hurt cub, with her crying and whimpering, and protected her, instead of tearing her up.

…when men behave as animals … animals turns humane!!!