The competitive madness, the rush to be there first, odd working hours, pressure to succeed, security for future.

It’s all taking a toll of the human race, slowly and smartly killing the more beautiful facets of human life. Everyone is striving to improve their lifestyle but sadly it’s their lifestyle that is worst hit. A little effort coupled with some determination can set that disorganized, stressful life on track.

1. FOCUS: Focus on what you want in life. This focus should be same as the focus of Arjun (Mahabharata) on the Bird’s Eye. Similarly all of us need to understand what we need to achieve in life, visualize or plan how to achieve it and get going with it. Plan each and every move of yours to achieve your target. Your goal should be realistic and practical. You take care of your vision and the Universe will take care of the rest.

2. COMMITMENT: This is another point, which needs a detailed explanation. For an organized lifestyle, you need to be committed in all aspects of life. Be it relationship, be it work, be it your goal in life or be it anything else. This commitment always helps yourself to be a better person and your commitment towards yourself also makes life easier for you. You should make realistic goals and be committed to achieve them. Say you have set a target that you have to knock off those extra 4 kilos in a month, you need to motivate and push yourself to a daily exercise regime and fitness plan to achieve that.

3. PASSION: Do what you love doing in the first place. But for some it may not be possible for doing only what you love, but there is no reason that you cannot take out your time to do things of your interest which keeps you more satisfied and more content in life. This will make your life interesting, challenging and your lifestyle will be more organized than if you are doing something, just for the heck of doing it. Think of something which actually excites you and keep on pursuing those activities on a regular basis. The bottom-line is passion and enthusiasms are contagious.

4. MANAGE YOUR FEARS: If you are nervous or scared about anything, there is nothing wrong in it. It is very human. To be more organized in life you need to understand, why do you get nervous and for what reasons you are scared. Once you identify them it is easy to channel you energies and work towards doing away with it. It’s simple, if you follow it, be a leader, be bold and take a risk in life. This will definitely help you do away with your nervousness. Always try out new things in life and change is always positive.

5. HEALTHY ATTITUDE: For a more organized life style, your approach towards life should be healthy and very positive. Even under very difficult situations, you should not loose heart. Should be brave and face the challenges. There will be ups and downs in the path of anybody’s life, but one should not think negatively about life at any point of time. The other parts which are again important are that you should be generous in nature and forgiving. This will also reduce your temper and help to build up a positive attitude. This is the essence of making your lifestyle organized.

6. TIME MANAGEMENT: Always be ahead of time. Never allow yourself to chase time, but time should chase you. Be it reaching to office, be it attending a meeting, be it getting the kid from school, be it paying your bills, be it attending a social function, one should always be on time or ideally before time. This actually reduces much of your worry and lot of your restlessness. This not only makes you important in the public eyes, it also helps to command respect. Apart from being on time, time management also includes that you should allocate your time in such manner that you do all your stuff within the scheduled time. Time management helps one to lead a less stressful life and be a merry person too.

7. HEALTHY FOOD: Eating habits are an important aspect of your lifestyle that cannot be overlooked. Eat for living and not live for eating. This means that you should eat to keep yourself healthy and fit enough to carry on with all your activities. Always try to avoid food with more fat content in it, avoid oily and fried stuff. Fat intake in your body should be proportional and so should be sugar intake. These are the two most dangerous food components, which are very dear to the taste buds, but harm us the most. Secondly, one should have a balanced diet and also eat more of fiber foods and drink plenty of water to keep one self healthy and fit and avoid falling sick.

8. REGULAR EXERCISE: Very important rule for a more organized lifestyle is daily exercise. One should do something for his body as well as for his mind and should spend at least 20-25 minutes for exercising. Exercising and simultaneously doing some other work should be avoided totally. This actually does not help you gain 100% from the time you are exercising. Do aerobic exercise 3 times a week, non stop exercise using the large muscles. These will be weight training and band resistance exercises. Build yourself up to 3 or 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. NO PAIN – NO GAIN (You should feel those last sets and last repetitions). Stretching everyday first thing in the morning and after you exercise reduces muscle tension, promotes circulation, loosens your body and mind, and prevents injury. Always stretch slowly and hold each stretch 30 to 50 seconds. (NO BOUNCING).

9. MEDITATION: Meditation is another way of reducing your stress and should be done at least for 5-10 minutes a day. It rejuvenates your energies and helps you to be a cool person by reducing all your worries and stress. “Be thankful for everything you have in your life – appreciate life”, “Make YOURSELF # 1” these the thoughts should fill your head while meditating. Breathe in slow and relax completely as you exhale (in through the nose and out through the mouth).

10. REWARD YOURESELF: This will help you to make yourself feel good each moment of your life. You will cherish every moment by just being your-self and this will boost up your energy to do better and the best in life and achieve your goal, the first point discussed in this article. Make a daily goal – reward yourself. Make a weekly goal – reward yourself. Make a monthly goal – reward yourself. Make a 3 month goal – 6 month goal – and a year goal – reward yourself. Go for the long term – make a 5 year goal and reward yourself BIG TIME! This is the last and the final golden rule for a more organized lifestyle.